Arbitration and Mediation

HSG offers qualified and accredited mediators to implement arbitration and mediation services in the commercial, civil and family arena.

Our offering of co-mediation services, arguably the best practice model for mediation especially in more complex situations or where there is an increased number of participants, provides our clients with an opportunity to utilise alternative dispute resolution techniques prior to undertaking expensive and timeous court proceedings.

The aim of our mediation services is to provide our clients with a method to avoid, manage and resolve disputes while retaining mutual respect between parties. Our attorneys are registered with the South African Association of Arbitrators.

We offer specialised mediation and co-mediation services related to dispute resolution in:

  • Property related transactions
  • Planning and land use
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • General commercial transactions and agreements
  • Estate Management and Development disputes
Arbitration and Mediation is a service of HSG Attorneys