Avoiding “A winner who might tend to crow with disdain”: Mediation In Planning

HSG Attorneys Mediation and Planning

Mediation is ideally suited to dealing with objections within the process of a planning application. It has the potential to vastly reduce delays and costs which have become synonymous with planning decisions. To realise these benefits requires a genuine will to adopt, educate on and normalise mediation in planning application processes. Furthermore, it is imperative […]

The use of an Information and Document Repository in terms of Section 30(10) of NEMA

In the case of an environmental non-compliant event or an unforeseen environmental catastrophic event, there is a duty to keep the public informed on the state of the environment, especially when the event affects their immediate environment, life, or livelihood. Section 2 of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) includes several principles which should guide […]


HSG has been involved in the Greater Edendale and Vulindlela Development Initiative (GEVDI) since 1997 through one of its founding partners, Dave…


HSG is a member of the MAJV. This entity, led by GeoAfrika, is responsible for the efficient management of SANRAL’s extensive property portfolio….

First Group

HSG has served the First Group (previously known as the Club Leisure Group) as legal advisors, attorneys and conveyancers for many years. Shaun H…

Palm Lakes Estate

HSG has been involved in the establishment and development of Palm Lakes Estates since the estate’s inception in 2005. Initially this was carried…